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#DIGINNObest: Realizing peoples building dreams - Lundqvist Trävaru

The second story from the best practice series comes from Sweden. Lundqvist Trävaru in the very north of Sweden, have created possibilities for their customers to design their own building ideas, in their own pace, without any direct contact our support of a salesperson or engineer. This has resulted in a strong growth and a more efficient way of working. The movie shows how customers can build their house or garage in a 3d-design and calculator, creating a digital twin which also in real time generate drawings, quotes and serves as basic orders into production.

The film is produced by Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The purpose is to inspire SMEs within manufacturing with good examples on how they can increase their competitiveness via digitalisation and automation. The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth is associated partner to the Interreg BSR DIGINNO project. All films are in Swedish but with a choice of English subtitles.

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