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What is our challenge?

In the European Commission’s strategy for Europe 2020, the digital economy and a digital single market (DSM) are highlighted as drivers of future innovation, competitiveness, and growth. Baltic Sea Region (BSR) countries are frontrunners in many aspects of the digital economy. At the same time, BSR countries are facing similar challenges in the digital area.


With DIGINNO we are focusing on three challenges:


  • promoting uptake of ICT in the business sector, 

  • developing innovative digital public services and 

  • facilitating DSM related policy discussions on BSR level.


These challenges can be tackled through strengthening the macro-regional knowledge base (e.g information sharing, studies), exchange of experience and mutual learning, designing and piloting transnational digital solutions and conducting policy and regulatory dialog.

DIGINNO's main outputs:

  • Company digitalization toolkit for SMEs

  • 4 show-case models of G2B cross-border e-services (incl. feasibility analyses and proofs of concept)

  • Policy recommendations White Paper


as an important output:

  • An informal but active cross-sectoral BSR industry digitalization community


2017 - 2020

Total budget    EUR 3,5 million, incl.

          ERDF    EUR 2,8 million

From partners EUR 0,7 million

Interreg BSR programme:

priority area INNOVATION

14 full partners

10 associated partners

Lead Partner

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia

Reet Reismaa, Project Coordinator




Work packages

innovation capacity of industrial SMEs, ICT associations, industry associations and public authorities in the area of industry digitalization
Industry 4.0 - Digital Transformation of Industry

Work package 2: 

WP2 Lead Partner

Estonian Association of Information

Technology and Telecommunications

Doris Põld, Cluster Manager




Joint development and promotion of selected G2B cross-border e-services in BSR countries. 
Digitalization of cross-border G2B public services

Work package 3: 

WP3 Lead Partner

Association INFOBALT

Rūta Šatrovaite, Head of the cross-border e-services development




 Enhancing the institutional capacity of public and private policymakers dealing with digital innovation policy by setting up a digital policy network for BSR
Digital policy network for the Baltic Sea Region

Work package 4: 

WP4 Lead Partner

Aalborg University

Torben Aaberg, Interregional Programme Manager




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