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WP2: Industry 4.0 - Digital Transformation of Industry

Work package 2 aim is to increase the innovation capacity of industrial SMEs, ICT associations, industry associations, and public authorities in the area of industry digitalization.

The main output for WP2:

  • Company digitalization toolkit for SMEs

Company digitalization toolkit for SMEs will combine examples of best practices, a self-assessment tool to evaluate the level of digitalization of the company and identify the gaps and a roadmap to further digitalization.

+as an important output:

  • An informal but active cross-sectoral BSR industry digitalization community


In this work package, we will build an informal but active cross-sectoral industry digitalization network and community to raise knowledge and awareness of digitalization success cases, opportunities, and benefits. This will then enhance the capacity of industrial SMEs by providing a chance for peer-to-peer learning and exchange of experiences. 

As a result, the capacity of industry associations to serve their member companies and act as their representative and lobbyist on policy level will rise. These institutions will gain new knowledge on how to approach industry digitalization issues, how to motivate their member companies to prioritize digitalization and also how to better act as intermediaries connecting concrete business needs and policy-level discussions. The capacity of policymakers dealing with the development of the national Industry 4.0 agenda will rise by an exchange of experience and best practice, policy coordination, discussing and developing common positions.


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