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"Digital Future of the BSR?" Conference

After 3 years the DIGINNO project for digital collaboration in the Baltic Sea Region has come to an end.


The final DIGINNO Innovation virtual event takes place on 15 December to present the project’s achievements and reflect on how they can inspire the future of digitalization in the region. Invited are project partners, collaboration partners, and others from the BSR private and public sector who is interested in digitalization and developing efficient systems for logistics and public/private companies. 


The conference takes place online. 


Join us by using this link: 


Tuesday 15 Dec 2020 13:30-16.15 EET / 12:30-15:15 CET


13:30 – 13:40 EET / 12:30 – 12:40 CET Welcome Words

- Intro by moderator Johannes Tralla 

- Story of DIGINNO project

- An Interview with Külli Kraner, Head of the Internal Market Department of the European Union, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia (Estonia)


13:40 – 14:25 EET / 12:40 – 13:25 CET Digital Transformation of SME's 

- Interview with Doris Põld, WP2 Lead, Cluster Manager, Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (Estonia)

- Examples of the use of DIGINNO tools and inspirational cases in SME practices:

Case 1: Cross-border co-operation for industry digitalization, and new ways of working – experiences from
Fit-for-Baltics Innovation Study - Doris Pryjma, System Manager, DIMECC (Finland)
Case 2: Building cross-border digital self-assessment tool for industries - values and lessons - Mara Jakobsone, Vice President, LIKTA (Latvia)
Case 3: Practical case study "How to build the collaborative ecosystem for robotics” - Christina E. Wanscher, Network Manager, Odense Robotics (Denmark)


14:25 – 15:10 EET / 13:25 – 14:10 CET Digitalization of Cross-Border G2B Public Services

- Interview with Rūta Šatrovaitė-Bulbovienė, WP3 Lead, Head of the Cross-Border e-Services Development, Infobalt (Lithuania)

- Outcomes of 4 show-cases:

Outcome 1: Cross-border E-CMR outcome  & DIGINNO-Proto spin-off - Rūta Šatrovaitė-Bulbovienė, WP3 Lead, Head of the Cross-Border e-Services Development, Infobalt (Lithuania) & Inna Nosach, Project Manager, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (Estonia)

Outcome 2: Cross-border KYC Process & DINNOCAP -  Rainer Osanik, Founder, KYCer OÜ (Estonia) 

Outcome 3: Cross-border business registration - Idongesit Williams, Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalborg University (Denmark)

Outcome 4: Cross-border eReceipt - Risto Lehtinen, Head of Co-Creation, DIMECC Oy (Finland)


15:10 – 16:00 EET / 14:10 – 15:00 CET How Can DIGINNO Inspire Future Policies and Digital Initiatives? ​

- Main policy proposals from WP4 - Torben Aaberg, WP4 Lead, Interregional Programme Manager, Aalborg University, Denmark

- Open discussion: “How can DIGINNO outcome inspire policy initiatives?“ by the panel: Morten Friis Møller, Senior Advisor, Nordic Council of Ministers (Denmark); Marja Hamilo, Advisor at the Technology Industries, Technology Industries of Finland (Finland); Gatis Ozols, Head of Information Society Development Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection & Regional Development (Latvia); Chris Ruff, Director for Communications and Political Outreach, DIGITALEUROPE Association (Belgium); Sirli Heinsoo, Real-Time Economy Project Manager, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia (Estonia).

Moderator: Torben Aaberg, WP4 Lead, Interregional Programme Manager, Aalborg University, Denmark


16:00 – 16:10 EET / 15:00 – 15:10 CET How to Continue the BSR Cooperation: DINNOCAP Project 

Kristi Aruküla, Project Manager, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia


16:10 – 16:15 EET / 15:10 –  15:15 CET Final Words by the moderator Johannes Tralla and Project Lead Reet Reismaa, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (Estonia)

For your background information the main outcomes of DIGINNO are summarised here:

DIGINNO Policy White Paper final draft  

More info

15 December, 2020

DIGINNO Full Group Meeting

A final meeting for the full partners as well as the associated partners takes place. The meeting will focus on a joint evaluation of our project and discuss its spin-offs and outcomes with the focus on the future.

The event is organized online.

For your background information the main outcomes of DIGINNO are summarised here:

DIGINNO Policy White Paper final draft  

Please register HERE.

More info



Wednesday 16 Dec 2020 10.00 EET – 12.50 EET / 9:00 – 11:50 CET 


10.00 EET – 10.10 EET / 9:00 – 9:10 CET Introduction by Helena Lepp and Reet Reismaa, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia


10.10 EET  – 11.15 EET / 9:10 – 10:15 CET Full project partner evaluation and open discussion between all partners 


11.15 EET – 11.30 EET / 10:15 – 10:30 CET Break


11.30 – 11.45 EET / 10:30 – 10:45 CET Comments from Interreg BSR Joint Secretariat – Sebastian Hentch, the Project Officer


11.45 – 12.25 EET / 10:45 – 11:25 CET  – Next steps by lead partner, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia; additional comments from Interreg BSR Joint Secretariat - Vaclav Kaplan, Finance Officer


- Budget, reporting, and other practicalities by Reet Reismaa

- Next steps: what is going to happen in 2021 – DINNOCAP by Kristi Aruküla

- Q&A/Discussion 

12.25 - 12.30 EET / 11:25 – 11:30 CET Final words 

16 December, 2020

5 November, 2020

International Transport Innovation Forum

The forum will provide valuable insights into the latest tech trends and policy initiatives that will create a competitive advantage for the business in the future.

It will showcase opportunities and challenges for transport and logistics operators and policymakers offered by the digital economy in the Baltic States, Poland, and Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries.


Register for the online event here.

29 October, 2020

IT-Forum Connects

International online matchmaking event in Sweden. The matchmaking will focus on digital transformation for the manufacturing industry, focusing especially on technologies such as IoT, machine learning, data analysis, AI, etc. 


Open for DIGINNO partners and companies in partner countries.

More information HERE.

27 October, 2020

Industry 4.0 International Conference in Lithuania

Speakers will present real-life examples of the challenges faced, how they have changed, and what was achieved by the companies that have already implemented Industry 4.0 solutions in their operations. You will also learn how digitalization increases productivity, what are the future prospects in this area, and what opportunities open up for Lithuanian producers.

Please register on the conference website It is possible to attend both physically or watch the event live online

22 September, 2020

Cross-border e-CMR Show case dissemination event

Takes place during the Lithuanian economic conference. More information from HERE.

23 September, 2020

DIGINNO Show-case Workshop “RTE & eReceipt/eInvoice Roadmap” in Helsinki

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

29 June-1 July, 2020

Presenting Toolkit in Wireless World Research Forum

​More information about the event HERE

June 19, 2020

Workshop "Industry digitalization – the BSR experience II"

Discussion around policy issues regarding uptake and use of digital technologies to improve business performance in the Baltic Sea Region. 

The objective of the workshop is to discuss, clarify, and qualify policy proposals by the DIGINNO project.

The outcome of the workshop will be included in the final Policy White Paper with recommendations for policies and suggested activities to promote transnational cooperation and coordination between companies, industry associations, public authorities, and research and education institutions in the Baltic Sea Region.

Please find the Agenda and a Background Paper for this online event.

Please register HERE. Registration will be open until the 15th of June. 

For additional information:

Doris Pold, WP2 Lead,

Torben Aaberg, WP4 Lead,

11 June, 2020

Industry 4.0 Study Trip

Will take place online. Please find the agenda HERE.

The registration deadline is on the 10th of June. Register HERE.

10 June, 2020

Dissemination Event: Virtual Conference on Digital Innovation Network with a focus on KYC and e-CMR

Dissemination Event: Virtual Conference on Digital Innovation Network with a focus on KYC and e-CMR

In light of concerns around COVID-19, a decision has regretfully been taken to held dissemination event on Digital Innovation Network virtually. It will take place online on 10 June at 10 o'clock (CET), at 11 o'clock (EET). The event will concentrate on DIGINNO initiatives on cross-border services, mainly on concept, integration, and realization of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Electronic CMR (e-CMR). The duration of the event is approximately two hours.


Current know your customer (KYC) process is suffocating the economy, e.g. data exchange is slow and fragmented between different entities and non-existent across borders. The state has most of the data needed to conduct KYC, but it is not accessible to the obliged entities. Billions of euros are spent on conducting KYC, but this outcome and work is not shared and made again and again by other obliged entities. Rainer Osanik, DIGINNO KYC showcase leader and Idea Lead in Accelerate Estonia will introduce the vision of KYC utility and discuss challenges and possible solutions on how to make vision to a real solution.


Despite the ongoing uptake of digitization in the transport sector, almost 99% of all cross-border transport operations in the EU still involve paper-based Consignment note (CMR) at one or another stage of the operation. Inna Nosach from the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications will present the challenges of implementing e-CMR and introduce the purpose and activities of the DIGINNO-Proto project. The development of a working e-CMR index data exchange prototype between Baltic countries and Poland will be presented by Greta Gelgotaitė from Lithuanian company FITEK EDI.


Please find additional information here.

Please register here. Registration will be closed on the 5th of June. Link to the event will be sent to the participants after the registration.

28 May, 2020

International Industry 4.0 Innovation Event in Estonia

International Industry 4.0 Innovation Event in Estonia

The decision-makers and experts in Baltic Sea Region participate in the virtual conference „Industry 4.0 in Practice“ and discuss what are the benefits of the digital transformation today.

The main topics of the 2020 conference are: 

  • How to adapt or change the business model during and after the crisis? 

  • What are the benefits of digital transformation today? 

  • How can universities support digital transformation? 

  • How to make the most of what technology partners can offer?

Participation is free, but registration is required:

20 May, 2020

Estonian Information Day of the Digital Innovation Hub Program

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is organizing a competition, the winner of which will be able to participate in the targeted application round of the EU Digital Innovation Hub's sub-program called the Digital Europe Program. The competition brings together preliminary projects in the form of business plans and evaluates them. As a result of the competition, this consortium of Estonian universities and entrepreneurs will be identified, to whom the state recommends to prepare and submit the main project in the targeted application round organized by the EU Commission.
We invite you to participate in the Estonian Information Day of the Digital Innovation Hub on May 20 from 3 pm to 5 pm. It is open and free to everyone. Link to participate.

National INFOBALT Industry 4.0 network meetings

​Takes place regularly: 2019 December, 2020 February, March. Aims to promote industry digitalization technologies and focus on market education.

9 March, 2020

Diginno Innovation Session: 5G, Internet of Things - New business models in Industry 4.0

The possibilities offered by the 5G network and the development of the Internet of Things, new business models giving companies a chance to gain a competitive advantage and the predisposition of Polish enterprises to implement the Blue Ocean Strategy will be the subject of Diginno Innovation Session - a discussion that will take place on 9 March 2020 in Warsaw.


The session will be devoted to opportunities arising from the development of technology. In particular, the 5G networks and the Internet of Things. We will try to find the answer to the following questions: Are companies from our region ready to compete in the new market? Do they see the opportunities arising from the development of technology? Is the legislation ready for these changes?

The discussion will be carried out by the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunication (KIGEiT), the coordinator of the Diginno project in Poland. It will be held on Monday, March 9, at the Hilton Hotel in Warsaw.


Registration form:

4 January, 2020

"Making Industry 4.0 Real" Conference

​Fifth international Industry 4.0 conference which takes place in Kaunas, Lithuania. Aims to meet the industry’s need to deepen and share the best business practices and experiences related to transformation, the conference mostly focused on the practical side.


Most of the presentations introduced real examples from companies’ activities and business solutions: what challenges and transformations they faced, how much investments they needed, and what returns are already gained or expected in the future by those, who adapt and keep pace with the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

10 December, 2019

Digital Policy Round Table: The Future of Cross-Border e-Services in the Baltic Sea Region

The Round Table is targeted to interested policymakers, business representatives and DIGINNO partners for exchanging and discussing ideas and policy recommendations for creating well-functioning digital Government-to-Business and Business-to-Government services and improving their cross-border usability and interoperability.


Discussion topics include among others:

  • What are the future needs for cross-border e-services?

  • What are the obstacles and challenges which need to be solved and which of these should be addressed by policies and legislation?

  • How the BSR could become a frontrunner in cross-border e-services and enhance this position, and what are the most potential areas of services?

  • What are the policy gaps and the gaps between Baltic Sea Region (BSR) countries?


The Round Table is organised by Aalborg University Copenhagen, INFOBALT Lithuania, The Ministry of Finance, Finland and DIMECC Oy, and supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvia and Ministry of the Economy & Innovation, Lithuania.

Full program available here.

If you are interested in joining the Round Table, please register at the latest on 2nd of December at

Contact for registration: Kaisa Kaukovirta, email:, tel. +358 40 840 8790

Further information:

Reijo Tuokko,

Torben Aaberg,

18-19 November, 2019

Policy seminar & study visit: “Industry digitalization – the Baltic Sea Region experience”

The objective is share views and experience across the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) regarding approaches and policy initiatives within digitalization of industrial SME’s (Industry 4.0), with emphasis on awareness-raising, mobilizing digital mindset and readiness to uptake new technologies

This event takes place in Berlin and is represented by Aalborg University Copenhagen and Estonian Association of IT & Telecommunications, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. 

Topics covered: 

·  What are the needs for new technologies?

·  How do these observations correspond to the national strategies and ongoing policy initiatives for promoting SME digitalization?

·  What are the examples of different BSR approaches to digital awareness-raising among SME’s and how can they inspire across borders?

·  What works, what doesn’t work for SME’s?

·  What are the joint challenges (barriers) across BSR and how can they be turned into joint opportunities?

·  What are key topics for joint learning and policy alignment across BSR? 

Full program available here.

For additional information:

Doris Pold, WP2 Lead,

Torben Aaberg, WP4 Lead,

14-15 November, 2019

Estonian ICT cluster visit to Lithuania

Lithuanian-Estonian Industry 4.0 network meeting in Vilnius. Aims to exchange best practices, challenges and brainstorm the opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

24-25 October, 2019

The European Forum on Integration of Migrants and Refugees

​The objective is to support institutions and organisations in their efforts to facilitate the integration of refugees and migrants into education, labour market and society.

The Forum will be held in collaboration with the Working Group on Migration and Integration of the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC). This creates an excellent opportunity for dialogue between practitioners and parliamentarians.

Please find more information from here.

7-10 October, 2019

European Week of Regions and Cities

During the four-day event cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.

Please find more information from here.

18-20 September, 2019

The BSSSC Annual Conference 2019

The focus will be on sustainable maritime economy – BSSSC regions shaping the future of the Blue economy in the Baltic Sea Region.

Please find more information:

16 May, 2019

Seminar “Know Your Customer (KYC) as cross-border service"

Could it be possible to conduct KYC across borders without unreasonable and unnecessary steps and actions? Would it be possible for a person (client) to transmit his or her most common KYC data (e.g. personal data, place of residence, utility bill etc.) with the push of a button and for the accuracy of such data to be certified by the state (or so to say stamped by the state)? Can it be done cross-border so that countries recognize it mutually? It is already common to have e-invoices, we declare taxes digitally, there are data-exchange channels built for G2B and B2G, and data collection channels for collecting and exchanging existing information with the state. How can all this be used, transmitted, and exchanged for KYC? Or do we have other good and effective alternative solutions from the private sector that could be used more widely as well as internationally?

The seminar is co-organised by Embassy of Estonia in Vilnius and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication of the Republic of Estonia and targets anyone who deals with KYC issues in public or private sector in Lithuania and feels that KYC is somewhat skewed, over- or under-regulated, unreasonably complicated, harshly penalized, gets stuck in different rules in different countries or does not fulfill its objective of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.

Please find a more detailed agenda of the event here.

Registration: Please use the registration form here. Only registered participants are expected.
Practical information: Seminar is free of charge and will be in English language.
For additional information: or +3725035114

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24 April, 2019

CEF Digital Building Blocks discussion seminar

The seminar had two main objectives:

1) Call for action - What is CEF and CEF Digital BBs? What are the funding opportunities?

2) Describe the challenges on implementing the CEF BBs and find possible solutions - What are the legal and technical challenges related to implementation of CEF BB and how can they be solved? What should public (or private) sector do to promote the uptake of CEF BBs?


The CEF programme (Connecting Europe Facility) is launched by the European Commission (EC) to support development of a digital infrastructure in both public or private sector by ensuring interoperability between IT systems across borders. CEF Digital Building Blocks (BBs)

  • eInvoicing and eDelivery

  • eID and eSignature

  • eTranslation and eArchiving

are based on interoperability agreements between EU member states and implemented through common technical solutions (e.g PEPPOL). EC is encouraging public and private sector in the member states to implement CEF BBs in the way they find it useful.


The seminar participants were from the Baltic States as well as from the Nordic countries. Discussion seminar was about both public and private interests and thus, represented were:

  • policy makers;

  • service providers (ERP providers, e-invoicing operators, banks, etc)

  • development companies

  • other interested parties


Seminar was organised by Aalborg University (Denmark) and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication (Estonia) together with DIGINNO project partners.


More information:

20 March, 2019

International Conference "Making Industry 4.0 real"

The German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce AHK, the Lithuanian engineering industries association LINPRA and the Information and Communication Technologies Association INFOBALT hosted the 4th international Industry 4.0 Conference under the motto Making Industry 4.0 real. Aiming to meet the industry’s need to deepen and share the best business practices and experiences related to transformation, the conference focused on the practical side. Most of the presentations introduced real examples from companies’ activities and business solutions.

The event was finalized with "Lithuanian Industry 4.0 Star 2019" awards. TOP nominated companies will be presented and awarded in three categories: 1) Small or medium company selected by the expert board of the contest; 2) Large company selected by the expert board of the contest; 3) And a company selected by public on an open poll.

Full program available on the conference web-page:

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