DIGINNO-Proto project is a sub-project supporting and extending the DIGINNO project activities.


DIGINNO project focuses on promoting the uptake of ICT in the business sector, developing innovative and interoperable digital public services, and facilitating Digital Single Market related policy discussions on the Baltic Sea Region level. There were 4 cross-border show-cases analyzed under DIGINNO project:

  • Know Your Customer - KYC

  • International road transport waybill - eCMR

  • eReceipt

  • Business registration


Still, the work done in DIGINNO did not cover practical testing of proposed solutions of the 4 cross-border show-cases. Therefore DIGINNO-Proto project was initiated to demonstrate one of these show-cases through prototyping.


Prototyping would also allow assessing what are the real-life shortcomings and necessary changes to implement the Digital Single Market where citizens, goods, and entrepreneurs can seamlessly move across borders digitally. 

DIGINNO-Proto project goal was to develop at least one working prototype of a cross-border e-service based on a show-case developed in the DIGINNO project.


For this purpose, DIGINNO-Proto:


  • Conducted a call for proposals among the four show-cases.

  • Received two applications: one on eCMR and one on KYC and chose one of those – eCMR – as the prototype focus.

  • Ordered through international procurement and supervised developing and testing of eCMR indexing scheme prototype between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.






Total budget: EUR 134 thousand

100% funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers  

July 2019 - December 2020


Lead Partner:

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications


Associative Partners:   


Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA)






Lithuanian Information and Communication Technology Association (INFOBALT)




Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEIT)




For further information:

Inna Nosach, inna.nosach@mkm.ee

Eva Killar, eva.killar@mkm.ee




The source code of the prototype developed is available as free software from KOODIVARAMU code repository.

Project materials:

DIGINNO-Proto one-pager

DIGINNO-Proto booklet


Lead Partner

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia

Suur-Ameerika 1, 10122 Tallinn, Estonia


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