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DINNOCAP - Building on the DIGINNO Project

DINNOCAP project received the approval from Baltic Sea Region Fund in summer 2020 and will start the implementation at the beginning of 2021. 

The project implementation period lasts 1 year and the main goal is to build on DIGINNO outcomes and empower the use of ICT opportunities among SMEs, industry organizations, and Public Sector Authorities. Focus is on non-technological capacity building and implementation of the tools created during DIGINNO and thereby support the digital transformation.  

The project’s objective is to support the implementation of selected tools, solutions, and recommendations provided by DIGINNO, thereby optimizing the project’s impact on the digital transformation of SME’s in the BSR.


The project will build on those DIGINNO tools and solutions where the interest and innovative potential is strongest. The project will directly target SME’s and relevant industry sectors in order to encourage the usage of DIGINNO tools and solutions to support digital transformation, extending the selected DIGINNO outputs to Russia and test the interest and adaptability in a Russian industry digital transformation context.   

The overall output will be a set of innovative digital transformation instruments to support capacity enhancement among SMEs, industry associations, and policymakers. 

Supporting outputs:

  • List of transnational actions for the BSR industry digitalization community to adopt, i.e. transnational activities to improve ICT uptake among SMEs. 

  • Practical report with learning and recommendations helping the ICT uptake, to be used by Industry 4.0 platforms, SME’s and public institutions involved in industry digitalization.

  • An eCMR data exchange system that enables secured data exchange between government and business, to be used by government agencies and business associations as inspiration and guidance in providing and using cross-border data exchange instruments. 

  • Methodology to inspire a transnational governance framework presented to government agencies and the BSR institutions regarding how to successfully implement cross-border e-services. 

  • Transnational stakeholder community with the task to influence and promote the implementation of the showcases at the national level.


Expected results and change for the BSR region: 

  • A considerable amount of SME’s in the BSR region will be familiar with the digitalization and digital awareness tools developed in DIGINNO, thereby achieving better digitalization capacity and better equipped for the uptake of ICT. In the long term, this will improve the competitiveness of SMEs and the BSR industry.​

  • A sustainable transnational dialogue between BSR industry digitalization communities will strengthen collaboration networks between public and private stakeholders working with the digital transformation of public services in the BSR. This will in the long term improve the innovation capacities of SMEs and encourage and support SME digitalization based on transnational learning.


Project partners: 

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia

Polish Chamber of Commerce of Electronics and Telecommunications   

Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association LIKTA    

Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA  


Association INFOBALT

RISE Research Institute Sweden AB

Aalborg University  


Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications


The Bronnoysund Register Centre

Association of SMEs Support Centres in Kaliningrad region


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