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WP4: Digital policy network for the Baltic Sea Region

The aim of WP4 is to enhance the institutional capacity of public and private policymakers dealing with digital innovation policy by setting up a digital policy network for BSR.

The work package will work towards raising the awareness among policymakers about the potential of transnational digital collaboration, promote the exchange of best practices, joint policy learning and coordination between national authorities in the BSR. This will result in stronger digital policy collaboration in the BSR.

The digital policy network will serve as a strategic policy platform and umbrella for the project, support WP2/WP3 regarding implications for digital innovation policies, facilitate internal and external dialogue on policy aspects and learnings from project, provide opportunities for BSR countries to coordinate policies and develop common positions, promote exchange of policy related experience and best practice implementing Digital Single Market.

Network will include policymakers dealing with digital policy at national level (incl EU relations) and ICT industry associations. The network will conduct a current, informal dialogue with innovation organizations, research institutions and other stakeholders engaged in digital innovation policies. There will be a special dialogue with EUSBSR represented by PA Inno (PAC and SC). This dialogue will be designed jointly by WP4 Lead and PAC Inno.

The main output for WP4:

  • Policy recommendations White Paper

The work of the network will be concluded in a White Paper with policy recommendations for national and EU level.

Work package outcome:

DIGINNO Policy White Paper

Work package lead:

Aalborg University  

Torben Aaberg, Interregional Programme Manager

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