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WP3: Digitalization of cross-border government to business (G2B) public services

The aim of this work package is to increase the capacity and raise awareness of public institutions, organizations and businesses in developing G2B digital cross-border (CB) services, promote transnational collaboration by building G2B services digitalization network and community, raising knowledge and awareness of success cases, developed show-cases, opportunities and benefits.

The main output for WP3:

  • 4 show-case models of G2B cross-border e-services (incl. feasibility analyses and proofs of concept)

The show-case models are practical tools for G2B services development, helping relevant public institutions to realise the opportunities of digitalization and understand its possible benefits.

DIGINNO project partners have chosen to focus on the following topics to develop further:


  • show-case A. cross-border eCMR - Paperless consignment notes in road transport, recognized by responsible institutions and used by businesses

  • show case B. cross-border online business registration with Integrated eIDAS Framework

  • show-case C. KYC - Cross border remote Know-Your-Customer processes with eIDAS application

  • show-case d. Real-time-economy – Cross-border eReceipt application


As a result, the capacity of public sector organisations and industry associations will be increased by selecting priority G2B cross border services, analysing the needs of businesses, sharing the knowledge about development of G2B services in BSR countries through joint development of show cases.  
The capacity of policy makers dealing with development G2B services will rise by exchange of experience and best practice, policy coordination, discussing and developing common positions. 

Work package lead:

Association INFOBALT

Rūta Šatrovaite, Head of the cross-border e-services development

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