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Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia

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Digital Innovation Network

A unique network for innovative solutions

in public-private co-operation

to speed up the process towards

the Baltic Sea Region digital single market.


November 13, 2019

A Business Needs Assessment, a study as part of the DIGINNO project, has taken the temperature on diffusion and knowledge of IT in SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region. The study shows a reasonably advanced and quite uniform status.

Through interviews and questionnaires direct...

October 31, 2019

In spite of increasingly complex production, Volvo Penta has been able to reach high traceability, quality assurance, effective production with a controlled supply chain and the number of orders delivered as planned has increased. Much of these positive effects are tha...

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National INFOBALT Industry 4.0 network meetings

Takes place regularly: 2019 December 2020 February, March. Aims to promote industry digitalization technologies and focus on market education.

14-15 November, 2019

Estonian ICT cluster visit to Lithuania

Lithuanian-Estonian Industry 4.0 network meeting in Vilnius. Aims to exchange best practices, challenges and brainstorm the opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

18-19 November, 2019

Policy seminar & study visit: “Industry digitalization – the Baltic Sea Region experience”

The objective is share views and experience across the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) regarding approaches and policy initiatives within digitalization of industrial SME’s (Industry 4.0), with emphasis on awareness-raising, mobilizing digital mindset and readiness to uptake new technologies

This event takes place in Berlin and is represented by Aalborg University Copenhagen and Estonian Association of IT & Telecommunications, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. 

Full program available here.

For additional information:

Doris Pold, WP2 Lead,

Torben Aaberg, WP4 Lead,

21 November, 2019

Policy recommendation roundtable

Roundtable will take place in Riga, Latvia. The policy recommendations from WP3.1  Business needs assessment and WP3.2 showcase feasibility studies work will be presented and discussed with project partners. Also, dissemination of policy recommendation activities to national and EU policymakers will be discussed.

25-26 November, 2019

High Level Conference on Data Economy

4 January, 2020

"Making Industry 4.0 Real" Conference

Fifth international Industry 4.0 conference which takes place in Kaunas, Lithuania. Aims to meet the industry’s need to deepen and share the best business practices and experiences related to transformation, the conference mostly focused on the practical side.


Most of the presentations introduced real examples from companies’ activities and business solutions: what challenges and transformations they faced, how much investments they needed, and what returns are already gained or expected in the future by those, who adapt and keep pace with the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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