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Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia

Suur-Ameerika 1, 10122 Tallinn, Estonia

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A unique network for innovative solutions in public-private co-operation to speed up the process towards the Baltic Sea Region digital single market.


January 7, 2020

TePe is a Swedish company that develops, produces, and sells oral hygiene products. With digitalization, the company has drastically improved its efficiency. Operations that took hours have reduced to a few minutes. 

Automation has given benefits in healthier personnel,...

December 16, 2019

On 10 Dec 2019, DIGINNO organized a policy seminar in Helsinki to discuss the challenges related to well functioning digital cross-border services for business. Thematic focus was on how these services can be provided to improve interoperability. A key aim was to prese...

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National INFOBALT Industry 4.0 network meetings

Takes place regularly: 2019 December 2020 February, March. Aims to promote industry digitalization technologies and focus on market education.

4 January, 2020

"Making Industry 4.0 Real" Conference

Fifth international Industry 4.0 conference which takes place in Kaunas, Lithuania. Aims to meet the industry’s need to deepen and share the best business practices and experiences related to transformation, the conference mostly focused on the practical side.


Most of the presentations introduced real examples from companies’ activities and business solutions: what challenges and transformations they faced, how much investments they needed, and what returns are already gained or expected in the future by those, who adapt and keep pace with the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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