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DIGINNO-Proto: Big Step Forward Towards Freight Transport Digitization in BSR Region

First time in EU – the cross-border B2G road transport data exchange successfully tested in real-life situations between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland!

With the completion of the DIGINNO-Proto project, an important step forward has been taken in the digitization of road transport in the Baltic Sea Region.

“It was an interesting and productive year, which began with the preparation of the eCMR prototype technical task and finding a right developer through the international public procurement, continued with the prototyping process and culminated in joint testing of the developed solution between the four countries,” said DIGINNO-Proto project manager Eva Killar. “Despite the difficulties with COVID-19 and the fact, that the development team never met face-to-face, the project has been implemented on time and even beyond the planned scope. This was made possible by the exceptionally good cooperation and synergy between international project partners”.

With DIGINNO-Proto, the project partners from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland developed a common cross-border indexing scheme – from the principles to the working prototype which was tested in real-life situations with cross-border test cases between eCMR service providers and controlling organisations in all four countries.

The project video describes in short the idea of eCMR indexing scheme and benefits to the stakeholders proved through real-life testing.

The deliverables of the project including the final documentation are available on the DIGINNO-Proto website.

To facilitate further development and real-life deployment of the eCMR cross-border prototype, the developed indexing scheme solution is distributed under a free software license.

“We believe that together we have made an important step towards freight transport digitalization in BSR region. However, there is a long way to go till the eCMR data exchange system will provide daily support to both, the transport sector players and officials,” said DIGINNO-Proto project manager Inna Nosach. “Therefore, we believe that further engagement of partners to the joint development of eCMR showcase through expanding functionality, raising data security and trust among stakeholders, involving partners and collaborating with other similar initiatives in Europe is crucial. We hope that this cooperation will continue within DINNOCAP project and lead us to new achievements.”

The outcomes of the project will be presented at the DIGINNO final event on December 15.


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