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#DIGINNObest: Danish SMEs and Welfare Technologies

Welfare Tech is a market-driven cluster that carries out projects, conferences, workshops, networks, matchmaking, and dissemination activities. The cluster consists of SMEs, municipalities, research, and educational institutions. SMEs within this cluster harnesses advanced digital technologies such as automation, machine learning, cloud computing, and sensors to provide solutions for the elderly, hospitals, the disabled, etc. They provide these services in partnership with municipalities and research institutions. Welfare Tech has 202 organizations of whom 134 are SMEs.

Patient suitcase that makes it possible to move treatment from hospital to own home for patients in treatment for e.g. COPD, heart problems or in rehabilitation.

The Problem

In society, there are people who are either vulnerable as a result of being either challenged health wise, old age, disabled or vulnerable in one other way. In most cases, these people require the assistance of caregivers or health providers. In most cases, there are either limited caregivers or health care providers to cater to them. Hence, there is a need for some form of aid to assist their daily activities in life. For those who are not vulnerable as a result of health issues, they are in need of some form of a mediator that can bridge their life with some level of normalcy. An example could be the facilitation of a medium that could help lonely people socialize using technology etc.

The Solutions and Benefits

SMEs in Welfare Tech utilize the above-mentioned technologies to facilitate welfare solutions. Welfare Tech members also synergize by leveraging competencies to deliver their solutions.

Dosesystem: medicine on time with user-friendly medicine box.

More solutions and benefits can be accessed using the links below:


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