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DIGINNO Final Conference - Not the End!

After 3 years, the DIGINNO project has come to end, but we can safely say that this is not the end of digital collaboration in the Baltic Sea Region.

The final DIGINNO Conference "Digital Future of the BSR?" took place on the 15th of December to present the project’s achievements, reflect on how they can inspire the future of digitalization in the region, and introduce DIGINNO spin-off projects like DINNOCAP and DIGINNO-Proto.

Participants were the project partners, collaboration partners, and others from the BSR private and public sector interested in digitalization and developing efficient systems for logistics and public/private companies.

During the conference, a short animation "Story of DIGINNO" was presented:

The conference recordings can be found HERE.

All the presentations can be found HERE.

The pictures of the conference can be found HERE.

KYC animations can be found HERE.

Video summary of eCMR testing can be found HERE.

The project DIGINNO focused on common challenges in the Baltic Sea Region, such as uptake of ICT in the business sector, the innovation of public services and cooperation of digital policies on the macro-regional level.

DIGINNO team is extremely happy that the project has 5 spin-off projects that will continue to foster cooperation in the BSR countries!


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