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Why is it important to get to know your partners?

For project DIGINNO, we as the lead partner took the task to meet all the partners face-to-face once the implementation period started. The main purpose for these meetings was to find common understanding about the roles of lead partner and the specific partner, to speak about the activities and budget in more details and talk about reporting. But not only. It was also a chance to approach personally every partner and discuss specific topics related to them and most importantly, to get to know each other better.

What we hope that the partners took away from these meetings is clearer understating of where they stand and what is ahead of them. But also having practical examples about reporting, internal communications etc., that we provided them during the meetings. We also believe it has benefitted the start of project activities, as these meetings naturally included discussions on concrete activities planned in the project. This has been especially valuable as quite a bit of time has passed since the initial project application, so it has helped all of us to tune back on the project mode.

What we as the lead partner took away from these meetings, is a better understanding about our partners both on the project administrative level but also on a personal level. Furthermore, by meeting our partners, we ourselves have had a learning curve thanks to the questions posed by our partners. We hope that this has been just a beginning of a great co-operation and synergy in the project but also beyond.

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