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DIGINNO and EU policies

In Sept 2018 DIGINNO was represented at two conferences in Vienna: “The Once-Only Principle for Europe Conference” co-hosted by TOOP and SCOOP4C projects initiated by the European Commission and the “High Level Conference on Digital & E-Government” organized by the Austrian EU-Presidency. Both events had a focus on current and upcoming EU policy initiatives within the Digital Single Market.

- The Once-Only Principle promotes automated cross-border exchange of data in order to eliminate administrative burdens of citizens and businesses in their provision of information to public administrations. The TOOP project that was presented at the latest DIGINNO WP3 meeting is a key initiative exploring OOP benefits and practical solutions for businesses. Both TOOP and SCOOP4C are valuable sources for inspiration for our project.

- The high level conference gathered ministers and senior officials from the entire EU for a status on the implementation of the Tallinn e-government declaration signed under Estonia’s EU Presidency 2017. There is still a long way to go in the implementation of principles like security, transparency, interoperability etc. and the speed of the process and the strategic approach varies a lot from one member state to another. This confirms the added value of projects like DIGINNO as the diversity calls for cross-border policy learning supported by bottom-up cases. DIGINNO has a close dialogue with our contacts in the European Commission about how the project can more concretely inspire the European experience.

The conference videos can be viewed here.

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