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Can cross-border e-services soon be a real thing?

In October DIGINNO partners came together twice for two-day service design training sessions in Tallinn. The aim of this was to set the basis for developing cross-border e-services’ show-cases in the near future.

The objective of the training sessions was for the partners to acquire similar methodological basis for developing cross-border services’ show-cases. With the help of the strategic design agency Velvet, project partners and involved experts in the field looked at how to analyze the current situation and find the main ‘pain points’ but also how to develop new solutions taking into account the users’ point-of-view.

Beforehand, the project partners had chosen 4 services to focus on:

- Cross-border eCMR - paperless consignment notes in road transport - Cross-border business registration with Integrated eIDAS Framework - Cross border remote Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes – Financial sector - Cross-border eReceipt application

With the guidance of Foundation Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol mentor, the work will continue in groups focused around the 4 show-case services. Experts in the field from both private and public sector will be included in the process. The descriptions of the show-cases and feasibility studies will be conducted in spring 2019.

About the digitization of cross-border G2B services work package in DIGINNO

One of the main focus points’ of DIGINNO project is to increase the capacity and raise awareness of public institutions, organizations and businesses in developing G2B digital cross-border (CB) services, promote transnational collaboration by building G2B services digitalization network and community, raising knowledge and awareness of success cases, developed show-cases, opportunities and benefits. The main output is 4 show-case models of G2B cross-border e-services.

The project partners in this focus area are:

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia (EE)

Foundation Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol (EE)​


Polish Chamber of Commerce of Electronics and Telecommunications (PL)

Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association LIKTA (LV)

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (LV)

Aalborg University (DK) INFOBALT (LT)

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania (LT)

The Brønnøysund Register Centre (NO)

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