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A research paper on Institutional Legitimacy and Digital Public Cross-Border Service Delivery publis

During the 11th CMI Annual Conference 29-30 Nov 2018 hosted by CMI (Center for Communication, Media and IT) and co-organised by DIGINNO at Aalborg University Copenhagen a paper on institutional legitimacy and cross-border services was presented. The paper provides an insight on how institutional legitimacy affects the adoption of digital cross-border public service initiatives, enshrined in EU e-Government policies, by the member states. The paper has been published under the auspices of the DIGINNO work package that is focused on cross-border Government-to-Business services.


The aim of this paper is to investigate the role of institutional legitimacy in the development and delivery of digital public cross-border services in the EU. The digital public cross-border services between Denmark/Sweden and Denmark/Germany are the test cases that are investigated. Empirical data was gathered from two organizations namely, Region Sønderjylland – Schleswig and the Øresunddirekt Sweden. Both organizations are informational and advisory services that promote public digital cross-border services at the Danish/German and Danish/Swedish border. The findings point to institutional legitimacy promoting the development and delivery of national digital public infrastructure and service delivery. The findings also points to institutional legitimacy acting as a barrier to the development and delivery of digital public infrastructure and services across border.

Please find the full article published in the Nordic and Baltic Journal of Information and Communications Technologies:

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