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#DIGINNObest: VALPRO - continuous changes to energy efficient production and environmentally friendl

Universal equipment manufacturing

VALPRO Ltd. is one of the largest metal processing companies in The Baltic States with specialization in manufacturing of metal fuel cans, cylinders for fire extinguishers and other systems and providing periodic inspection of gas cylinders. For more than 55 years the company has offered the highest quality metal products and metal processing services to clients all around the world.

VALRPO Ltd. is one of Latvia’s leading export companies exporting 91% of its manufactured products to more than 33 countries. The products manufactured by VALPRO Ltd. have acquired awareness and gratitude of users in civil and military sector not only in Europe but also in Australia, North America, Asia and Africa.

By manufacturing well-known and traditional products and designing and creating new products VALPRO Ltd. follows international standards and requirements as well as company’s internal requirements. The creation of high quality products is one of the basic targets of VALPRO Ltd. for the successful long-term presence. The strict assessment of company’s work has enabled the company and its products to develop and gain recognition of certified institutions, clients and users.

The Challenge

To provide high quality information network in all production facilities:

1. Management of energy consumption for facilities maintenance and production. Production environment and production processes automation and control of emergency situations.

2. Digital document management to reduce paper consumption, and to provide customers access to digital documents.

3. Electronic security without human presence at night and on weekends.

The Solution

VALPRO has created internal system network which allows specialists to manage and monitor processes at any time from any place which increases competitiveness and is more environment-friendly.

Optical network provides:

1. Process automation using BMS Niagara - heating, ventilation, recuperation and production management and monitoring.

2. Producing and storing of product quality certificates for a company and customers in a cloud computing environment (document management system).

3. Creation of several separated data networks for different functions.

4. Company territory security system for off-duty hours.


• Automation technologies

• Data base technologies

• Big data/data analysis

• Cloud computing

• Security/encryption

• Data visualization

• Visualization/simulation

Implementation process

1. Target analysis

2. Detailed project design

3. Project realization and monitoring of results


The quality and safety of the work environment has increased thanks to computerized management and monitoring of building equipment.

More effective management and monitoring of energy resources, significant reduction of personal time consumption which ensure increase of productivity and production downtime reduction.

Paper consumption decreased approximately by 3000 pages per year.

More information about VALPRO:

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