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Outstanding results! DIGINNO BSR show-cases taking it to the next level

At the end of last week, two DIGINNO BSR show-cases of cross-border e-services took part of Accelerate Estonia hackathon. The hackathon was not an ordinary one as it focused on moonshot ideas for tackling major problems in the public domain.

Before the event, AccelerateEstonia and Garage48 went through several ideations and eliminations to find the most fantastic ideas. Two DIGINNO show-cases, e-CMR and KYC, made the cut to be selected as 17 best ideas which had a chance to participate in the event.

The main objective for all the 100+ participants of the hackathon was to develop better services which would help to create new markets that solve some of the substantial issues in our society. To achieve that, 15 teams had to delivered a proof of concept as a result of 3 days of hard work to convince the jury that their idea should be supported and funded.

After few days of full work mode and final event with the demos, 4 ideas were picked which will be supported and financed by the government through the AccelerateEstonia incubator program. We are more than happy to announce that both DIGINNO show-cases were among the 4 winners. Now the work continues with much stronger support from the Estonian government and it will be easier to achieve mutual agreements between BSR countries!

Read more about the hackathon from here.

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