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#DIGINNObest: Valmieras Stikla Šķiedra - Centralized Management of Business Processes

AS Valmieras Stikla Šķiedra and its subsidiaries are one of the leading glass fiber manufacturers in Europe, with more than 55 years of experience in the production of glass fiber.

Glass fibre production

Valmiera Glass Group's core business areas are glass fiber research, glass fiber product development, production, and trade. The group companies are located on two continents in three countries: Latvia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As a major international producer of glass fiber fabrics for many technical applications, group operates a quality control system that fulfills strict international requirements for a variety of industrial markets including composites, thermal and technical insulation, and construction industries. Valmiera Glass Group products benefit from innovative production and application technology plus the most up-to-date manufacturing facilities. Its vision is to become the market leader of industrial glass fiber in Europe. Our vision reflects the essence of what we do in the group. It means being dedicated to satisfying each customer's specific needs, becoming an example of productivity and creating and implementing innovative solutions, whilst remaining environmentally responsible.

The Challenge

Valmiera Glass Group faced following business needs:

• Comprehensive real-time information on the production process and results to ensure the daily production planning and control process in Latvia and the US;

• Up-to-date information for decision-making processes - sales, quality, purchasing, warehousing, shipping, financial and controlling departments;

• Centralized and timely records of management reports and information;

• Optimization of manufacturing equipment load and increase of company profit by optimizing production capacity, assortment and related processes; The project objectives were complemented by the development of technologies - mobility, paperless on the spot, 24/7.

The Solution

• Centralized implementation of ERP system in manufacturing and related processes to ensure the availability of information and day-to-day decision-making based on ERP system data;

• Installation of MES systems on the manufacturing equipment to automatically provide 24/7 information on equipment downtime and impact on production performance;

• Two-way MES integration with ERP;

• Scanner integration with ERP;

• Introduction of Data Warehouse System, report generation and collection of information, and daily e-mail broadcasting.

• Wi-fi equipment installation;

• Gradual implementation of ERP system on mobile devices (IOS, Android) for everyday use of mobile phones for warehouse management processes;

• IT applications and related problems are processed with the ServiceDesk system for e-mail broadcasting and status tracking.

Applied technologies

• Wireless Technologies

• Database Technologies

• Big Data/Data Analysis

• Security/ Encryption

• Simulation in ERP system

Implementation process Analysis of existing and planned business processes and development of a business plan based on the functionality of the selected ERP system.

• ERP system configuration for maximum use of ERP standard

• Basic data compilation;

• Change management;

• Key user testing and management of iterations;

• Improvement of ERP system to ensure mobile devices;

DIGINNO Best Digital Transformation Practices

• ERP integration with scanners;

• ERP integration with MES;

• Design of mobile applications; Project management methodologies – Waterfall, Agile as well as creativity of company experts in the development of non-standard solutions.

Results and Benefits

The economic effect and increase of productivity are ensured by the automation of the processes maintained in the ERP system, both in production and in related processes such as sales, purchases, and others. While the system generates production orders or purchase requests, the employee can focus on planning without manual calculations and summaries. What if simulations make daily work easier and faster as well as ensure proper decision making. Mobile solutions allow employees to focus on business processes at any time and in any place. All departments, including factories, use Time planning software for employee and shift planning and change management. The information is electronically submitted to the accounting, significantly facilitating and speeding up the wage calculation. Thanks to the implementation of the system, considerable paper savings are achieved.

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