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DIGINNO-Proto e-CMR prototype is taking off

DIGINNO-Proto e-CMR Project group from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland gathered today in Tallinn. In cooperation with the relevant public sector organizations (Tax and Customs Board, Police, etc.), the e-CMR project will create a prototype for an e-governance-compatible digital real-time ecosystem for paperless international logistics data exchange between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

At the meeting, the first steps were taken towards creating a technical specification for an e-CMR prototype for piloting a real-time digital freight corridor from Estonia to Poland. A call for tenders for the prototype is planned to commence at the end of January 2020.

Despite the existence of electronic systems in most transport companies, documentation used on road transport is still largely paper-based making it time-consuming as well as costly to process them. The missing link is the secure and trustful way to exchange e-CMR data between governments and service providers.

Real-time access to data creates added value for customers, logistics operators, and carriers. Also, the e-CMR would speed up control procedures and simplify communication between public authorities. Greater transparency in the transport market creates opportunities for the state to increase tax revenues, improve oversight and budget planning, for example for infrastructure investments.

The pilot project for a digitally functioning logistic route from Estonia to Poland will be realized in autumn 2020.

The project is being led by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Project partners include the governmental organization (Ministries, Road Administrations, Tax and Customs Board, Police, etc.), Logistics and Road Carriers’ Associations and IT development companies from the Baltic States and Poland. The presentation which goes to the group has a specific structure.

Read more about DIGINNO-Proto:

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