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#DIGINNObest: MADE Cluster Project - Empowering the SMEs

The Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE) provides hands on practical experiences for manufacturing companies in Denmark. Three out of four companies in MADE are SMEs.

MADE provides networking and knowledge support towards the implementation of new technologies in production processes of SMEs. They also provide access to funding regimes for SMEs.

The Problem

One of the challenges facing SMEs is the lack of knowledge and guidance on how to use new methods, processes and technologies in their production processes.

The Solution and Benefits

To solve this challenge, MADE has launched the Cluster Initiative. In the cluster project, MADE assembles a handful of SME production companies that are empowered to either apply or become better at enhancing their production processes using a particular technology.

The cluster initiative enables SMEs to implement and apply new methods as well as new digital technologies (such as 3D printing and automation).

The empowerment process in the cluster initiative consists of the following phases:

  • Presentation of state-of-the-art and future trends in the field.

  • Analysis of the challenges facing participating SMEs.

  • Developing general solutions to the challenges.

  • Implementation and demonstration of the solutions.

  • Evaluation of the pilot projects and preparation for the next step (e.g. a MADE Demonstration project).

Testimonials from companies on how they utilize the cluster can be accessed by clicking on the cases below.

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