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#DIGINNObest: Sworn Notary Online – any Notarial Service in a Convenient Place and Time

The Council of Sworn Notaries of Latvia is a representational and supervisory institution of sworn notaries, as well as administrative and executive institution. It represents sworn notaries of Latvia and legally expresses the opinion of sworn notaries in relationships with the State and local government institutions, other authorities and officials, in relationships with international organizations, as well as with the general public and media.

The Council creates and maintains the Notaries Information System and ensures the operation of the registers laid down in the Law, as well as other tools like online notarial service and other digital services available for society.

The Challenge

To provide 100% online service for receiving legal advice or electronic authentication of any document in videoconferencing modes, such as power of attorney, inheritance submission, documents for real estate transaction, etc. as well as the quick and easy way to find a notary, contact him or apply for a visit. Other online services available – “My Activities” to review all the activities done by using notarial services and “Register of Powers of Attorney” that allows checking if the attorney document is real and with the same content as officially registered.

The Solution

Sworn notary customer service portal – an interactive platform which offers:

• modern information retrieval solutions,

• convenient notary search including the map,

• on-line chat with a notary,

• on-line application for a visit,

• virtual notary office (video conference) - 100% on-line notary service with secure authentication and payments,

• new e-services – "My Activities" and "Register of Powers of Attorney".

Citizens wishing to use this service will need a light and quiet room, a stable Internet connection, a computer, a web camera, a microphone, and headphones or a speaker, an e-signature, passport or eID card, and an online bank account.


• Data base technologies

• Cloud computing

• Security/Encryption

• Secure authentication ( authentication module + customer identification by sworn notary), convenient payment system ( payment module), automatic video recording, secure digital signature.

Implementation process

26.02.2018. sworn notary customer service portal with fast and convenient notary search, on-line application for a visit, and free e-service ”My Activities”.

01.07.2018. on-line video conferencing mode to receive a notarized document from anywhere in the world.

21.09.2018. e-service “Register of Powers of Attorney”.

02.10.2018. mobile application for Android, iOS devices offering consultations via video, searching for a notary, apply for visit and correspondence with a notary.


Online legal advice and notary service portal is created with new services accessible all over the world to all persons having a personal identity number and e-signature in Latvia. Significantly expanded potential customer range - it is important for those more than 200 000 Latvian state residents who live and work abroad as well for persons with reduced mobility.

After resolving technical issues between countries in connection with the implementation of the eIDAS Regulation, the service will become available to any EU citizen who has an e- signature issued in any EU country. Cross-border services – customers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Swiss and the United States of America and others. This is the first such level on-line notary service in Europe.

More information: (in Latvian)

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