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#DIGINNObest: Inseco - Ramping Up the Digitalization of Logistics

Inseco supplies the manufacturing and process industry with fasteners, seals, bearings and other mechanical supplies.

By upgrading the way they scan information on boxes sent to be refilled from its customers, the company has gained easier and less handling, earlier signals for purchase and control of stock. The boxes are part of a two-bin system that the customer use and the boxes need to carry information of what they are to be refilled with, how much they are to be filled, which company they belong to and the location of the box within the company.

The upgrade has taken the handling from a bar code to an RFID level. Boxes can now be detected whilst still in the pallet via passing the pallet through a scanning portal. A return pallet from the customer can consist of up to one hundred boxes, placed in the pallet in no order. All in all, this brings a faster return time to customers, less handling, a speedup in logistics and purchase for the company. Inseco is now, after verifying the process, looking at placing connected portals at the customers, gaining even more time in the logistics cycle.


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