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SME Digital Maturity Recommender Tool – Fostering Digitalization in the Baltic Sea Region

The SME Digital Maturity Recommender Tool, which is part of the DIGINNO project, has been finalized and delivered. This tool is considered to be the first step in understanding the maturity and the importance of digitalization in the Baltic Sea Region companies.

The tool was developed by the DIGINNO partner Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) together with DIGINNO partners and funded by the project DIGINNO of Interreg Baltic Sea Region. It is based on the methodology LIKTA initiative "Gudrā Latvija", the implementation of which was started in 2019. More than 850 companies have used this tool already in Latvia.

This online recommender tool is primarily aimed at the industry SMEs on the management level. It enables SMEs to measure digital maturity across 10 business dimensions. Upon completion, the company will receive general recommendations about the next steps towards digitalization, insights on how to start an internal discussion on digitalization, and understanding the company’s situation compared with others.

Recently published data by the DESI 2020 ( EU Digital Economy and Society Index) shows that the integration of digital technologies into enterprises is still comparatively low.

The level of industry digitalization is very different in BSR countries and different industry sectors so the tool will enable SMEs to ascertain its digital maturity, to align itself with competitors and to find out what IT solutions would help the company to work more effectively, with fewer costs and higher profits.

This tool will be part of the DIGINNO project Digitalization toolkit that will bring together best practices and showcase a digitization roadmap.

The tool is available in English and in the languages of the Baltic Sea Region in the following website:

For information on the SME Digital Maturity Recommender Tool, please contact:

Mara Jakobsone,

Andra Krasavina,

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