#DIGINNObest: SSAB - Smart Steel

SSAB is a highly-specialized Finnish-Swedish steel company. It was formed in 1978 and specialised in processing raw material to steel. The company’s production plants in Sweden, Finland and the US have an annual steel production capacity of approximately 8.8 million tonnes. The Challenge The challenge in steel production is that the material and associated information take different routes. The material is transported by road or rail, whereas the information goes by email. Items are marked, but the information relating to them is in an office email or archive database. The instructions for use are probably in a manual somewhere else. When it is produced further and the machine or piece of eq

Baltic-Nordic countries are planning to create the eCMR

On 4th July 2019 Lithuanian stakeholders from private and public sector signed a Memorandum of understanding on digitalization of cross-border road freight transportation which aims to foster the process of moving from paper to electronic version of cross-border road consignment note (eCMR) in the Baltic-Nordic region! This project aims to enable business to optimize processes and integrate activities into a common network of information systems. This initiative comes from the Interreg BSR Digital Innovation Network (DIGINNO) project, which aims to stimulate the digital economy and accelerate the creation of a Single Digital Market in the Baltic-Nordic region. Read more from here: https://ei


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