#DIGINNObest: MVV/Volvo Penta - strengthened production

In spite of increasingly complex production, Volvo Penta has been able to reach high traceability, quality assurance, effective production with a controlled supply chain and the number of orders delivered as planned has increased. Much of these positive effects are thanks to digital operator instructions. See full video here (in Swedish with English subtitles). #DIGINNObest

A test lab for the Digital Single Market

The countries in the Baltic Sea Region have a plethora of strengths to lead the digital economy. How can it become the first place where an integrated digital market becomes reality? Read more from the article by Torben Aaberg published in Baltic Rim Economies.

#DIGINNOBEST: Hoda and Sargasas - advanced technologies and solutions are the recipe for manufacture

For years, entrepreneurs and industrialists have been talking about the concerning and ever-widening gap between rising wages and labour productivity. According to the Bank of Lithuania, wages in the country increased by 19%, and productivity by as little as 2.9% in 2012-2016 alone. But industries are encouraged to invest in progressive solutions and technologies that improve operational efficiency not just due to the above circumstance. “After reviewing the range of our manufactured parts, we realized that there was a number of products the price of which went down over the last ten to fifteen years, leave alone going up. This happened primarily due to growing competition. After all, manufa


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