#DIGINNObest: Unibap - how robots get vision and human skills

With solutions based on flexible automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, Unibap offers their customers eyes to their robots which guides them in their tasks. When robots are modernised and upgraded, production companies can increase quality and efficiency. See full video here (in Swedish with English subtitles). #DIGINNObest

KYC as cross-border service?

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia (MEAC) is developing cross-border services within the framework of the DIGINNO project for the Baltic Sea Region, including in the area of KYC. KYC (know your customer) as a topic stems directly from both international and EU regulations on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML / CFT). Every developed country in the world is dealing now with this area. On the Estonian side, the following parties are involved in the Diginno KYC project: MEAC (who is the lead of the entire Diginno project), the Ministry of Finance (responsible for establishing regulations for beneficiaries and regulatio

DIGINNO Innovation Session – session with the Time Economic Forum

On the 5th of March 2019 during the Time Economic Forum in Warsaw, the DIGINNO Innovation Session was held. The session focused on innovation creation and implementation in companies, from the management side of the things. Digital transformation of industry requires new management methods. The goal of the session was to engage participants to search for answers for the following questions: how to effectively develop new solutions and processes in organisations, how to effectively bring them to life, how to collaborate, both internally and with entities external to organizations to achieve the best results for the business. The session was divided into two parts – during the first part parti

#DIGINNObest: Bellus Furniture – An IT solution that reduced delivery time

How to produce 100,000 sofas and mattresses annually and reduce delivering time? Software company Flowit OÜ was called in to help automate the administrative processes in Bellus Furniture. Thanks to robotic process automation (RPA), incoming information is read by a machine interface. Instead of data entry, workers have more time to deal with customer service and actual sales. Read more about it here. #DIGINNObest

#DIGINNObest: CrossControl uses existing data for production development

Swedish company CrossControl are highly determined to be competitive within electronics production and development. CrossControl develop and manufacture computers for industrial vehicles, vehicles often used in harsh and demanding environments. In order to be competitive, one of the areas that CrossControl have focused on is internal effectiveness in hand with digitalisation, often based on already existing data. See full video here (in Swedish with English subtitles). Swedish DIGINNO partner RISE also organised a study visit to CrossControl for a number of companies. Read more here (only in Swedish). #DIGINNObest


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