KYC Showcase Dissemination: Animations of the Use of Future KYC Service

DIGINNO WP3 was aimed to the digitalization of cross-border government to business (G2B) public services. One of the selected show-cases was cross border remote Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes. Within this show-case was created an ideal KYC solution, which will support real-time machine-readable data exchange, future cross-border data flow, and trust to such service. Some of the demand for such future KỲC service: KYC app/portal automatically collects common and necessary data from national and other databases to perform the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure based on predefined profiles. This KYC service is not a massive database, but a tool that mediates data between the source and the

DIGINNO Innovation Session in Warsaw: Companies from the Baltic Sea Region During the Digital Revolu

The future of the digital market and the predisposition of enterprises to compete in the new reality were the subjects of the session "5G, Internet of Things – who will swim in the blue ocean? New business models in Industry 4.0”, which took place on Monday, March 9, 2020 in Warsaw. The session was focused on trends that can be observed among companies from the Baltic Sea Region, particularly Poland, the most important technologies of Industry 4.0 and new business models that result from the opportunities offered by these technologies, particularly 5G and the Internet of Things. Issues raised during the discussion also included forecasts for the future for the digital market and the prone

#DIGINNObest: Inseco - Ramping Up the Digitalization of Logistics

Inseco supplies the manufacturing and process industry with fasteners, seals, bearings and other mechanical supplies. By upgrading the way they scan information on boxes sent to be refilled from its customers, the company has gained easier and less handling, earlier signals for purchase and control of stock. The boxes are part of a two-bin system that the customer use and the boxes need to carry information of what they are to be refilled with, how much they are to be filled, which company they belong to and the location of the box within the company. The upgrade has taken the handling from a bar code to an RFID level. Boxes can now be detected whilst still in the pallet via passing the pall

DIGINNO-Proto: Signed Contract for e-CMR Prototype

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications signed today a contract for e-CMR prototype testing with the Lithuanian company FITEK EDI who is known for its e-invoicing solutions. Fitek EDI was selected through an international public procurement process which was carried out within the framework of the DIGINNO-Proto project. During the next months, a prototype for e-CMR cross-border data exchange will be created and tested between Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish public authorities and e-CMR service providers. There are also plans to involve partners from Ukraine. The prototype will be developed in cooperation with partner countries' public sector organizations, the road

DIGINNO Newsletter 2020

We are happy to share the DIGINNO newsletter, which covers our results after the 4th reporting period, updates, and upcoming activities. Find it by clicking here!


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